Frequently asked questions and answers

How long will it take to receive my order?

Here at Wildflower we hand make all our products, so we ask that you allow 7-10 days for production and shipping with any order. We ship all our orders via 2-3 day Priority Mail, carefully packaged and protected from the elements.

If you need your order faster than that for any reason Contact Us and we’ll be happy to do what we can to make your deadline.

Does your chocolate survive the shipping process?

We are very contentious about packaging for our chocolates.   Every order is shipped USPS 2-3 Day Priority to minimize the time your sweets are out in the world.  All packages are carefully padded to prevent damage to the chocolates, and during the hotter months we include an ice pack to prevent melting.

As always, should you have any issues with damaged product during shipping, do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

How do you ensure fresh baked goods when shipping?

Any baked goods we offer for shipping are made with shelf stable ingredients that won’t spoil in transit.  We bake our products fresh, and flash freeze them to ensure you get the best possible quality when they arrive at your door.  As with our chocolates, we ship all our baked goods USPS 2-3 Day Priority mail, carefully packaged to prevent damage and with an ice pack where appropriate.

We recommend warming our shipped baked goods for 4-6 minutes in a 325 degree oven to reinvigorate that fresh baked flavor.

I have allergies/food restrictions. How will I know which items are safe to order?

Wildflower Confections takes food allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously.

We endeavor to label any of our products that contain nuts, soy, and other common allergens and take every precaution in the kitchen to prevent cross contamination.  That said, we are a small town operation, and we do not have to capacity to operate completely allergen free kitchens.

Additionally, we have taken steps to begin offering expanded Gluten Free and Sugar Free options to make our menu more accessible to those with dietary restrictions.

If you have a specific concern about an allergen or dietary restriction, please Contact Us.  We will be more than happy to help you navigate our products and find a safe treat to enjoy.

What is the cancellation policy if I order for in store pickup but I cannot make it in to pickup?

We understand that life happens.  If you find yourself unable to make it into the store for any reason, Contact Us and we will work with you to get your order delivered or your money returned.

What if I want to change the time to pick up my order?

No problem!  Just Contact Us and we’ll update your pick up time.

Are your products organic?

There are strict guidelines attached to claiming that a product is organic, and since we can’t always guarantee that every aspect of our product meets those guidelines, we avoid making the claim.

At Wildflower our pledge is this: “We use the best ingredients we know of.”   We avoid corn syrups, GMO foods, fillers, and preservatives, and whenever possible we use the all natural, organic, or local version of our ingredients.  We may not claim our product is organic, but you can rest assured that we’ve put in the effort to ensure that we are serving you the best, freshest, and most responsible ingredients every single time.

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