~ handmade in small batches ~

Huckleberry Hummingbird Cupcakes (local pick-up only)

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Our Huckleberry Hummingbird Cupcakes are made with pure and simple ingredients including Wheat Montana Flour (whole grain & non-GMO). Like all of our creations, our alterations make them uniquely ours. Hummingbird Cakes (named such because they are so naturally sweet that a hummingbird would like to eat them) are made with diced banana and crushed pineapple in the cake. They are usually topped with cream cheese icing, but we changed this to...are you ready for this?....Huckleberry White Chocolate Buttercream. We promise that it is the smoothest icing you have ever experienced, and its flavor is unlike the predominant powdered sugar based icings. In fact, there is not a smidgen of powdered sugar in this icing.