English Toffee

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Wildflower Confection’s delicate and crunchy English Toffee is hand made with love and only the best ingredients. This rich, buttery treat is made with almonds and pecans, organic brown sugar, butter, sea salt, and quality Belgian Dark or Milk chocolate.

Our English Toffee has a lovely and crisp texture without being a danger to your dental work.

Wildflower Confections products never contain additives, preservatives, corn syrup, invert sugars, or fillers.

Food Allergy Warning: This product contains Soy, Tree Nuts (Pecans and Almonds), and Milk. It may also have come in contact with Peanuts, Wheat, and Eggs.

Can't get enough of our English Toffee? It’s the main ingredient in our Huckleberry Cinnamon Roll filling!
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